Smooch Your Valentine, Get A Discounted Lift Ticket At Suicide Six

Anytime there is a holiday of almost any sort, one can bet that the mountains will be running a holiday-themed promotion. Take today, for example. This is being written on February 12th, and to celebrate Lincoln's birthday and President's Day, Mountain Creek in New Jersey has a promo going that will get you a day ticket for reciting the Gettysburg Address. But, in two days it is Valentine's Day and Suicide Six in South Pomfret, Vermont has a promo that is just as fun, festive, and might even be a little hot.

This cool little mountain is looking to get visitors in the romantic spirit of the holiday by hooking those who kiss their "Ski-Heart" at the ticket window up with a $14 lift ticket. That's not a bad deal and it's just kind of an awesome promo. Who wouldn't be looking for another excuse to smooch their Valentine?

Now, to go along with a killer promo like this, a mountain needs a killer promo video. It would seem some of the folks from Suicide Six are getting into the spirit of the holiday and are definitely good sports with a great sense of humor. Enjoy the video and think about taking your sweetie to this mountain for a day out on the snow.

Smooch & Slide on Valentine's Day from Woodstock Inn & Resort on Vimeo.

Thumbnail Credit: Woodstock Inn & Resort/Vimeo


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