"The Business Of Ski Resorts" From Wendover Productions -- VIDEO

This video is just a quick documentary/overview of the business of a ski resort. If you were ever wondering how and why the ski industry works, or at least the resort end of the industry, this is not a bad place to start.

However, I do want to stress that this is at best, as I said, an overview. While there is a lot of truth in this video, and again I'll give some respect for the producers for not only giving but linking their sources, the way that information is presented needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The way that the information is presented is centered around the Mega Pass business model and focuses on some of the most expensive resorts in North America. The money charged and made by these mountains is based on more than covering the costs of operations. Also, as one can see in the comment section of the video, it pushes the "Rich Person" skiing stereotype, which obviously wasn't intended, but did happen.

Again, it's not a bad overview, but if you are looking for more information on the ski industry, it might be better for you to do your own research on this one.


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