Whaleback Mountain, NH Featured Is A Short From L.L. Bean -- VIDEO

It's not a surprise that the film making department at L.L. Bean is top-notch. As one of the leading outdoor clothing manufacturers, it only makes sense for their other departments to work on the same level. This short film speaks to the skill of the L.L. Bean filmmakers, being that it is very well done, and it features the closest ski mountain to the Ski Rex Media Headquarters, Whaleback Mountain in Enfield, New Hampshire.

Through the video the story of Whaleback Mountain is told very well, featuring some of the people who were there through the more recent parts of the mountain's history. These people are real, too. I had the opportunity to meet and shake the hand of GM Rebecca Reed. They all really feel this strongly and passionately about their home mountain and work very hard to keep it going. I feel that this short really does capture that vibe.

This film, The Little Mountain That Could, is very well titled, filmed, and presented in a wonderful way. As for the mountain, I enjoyed my day there and hope to have a few more. It really is a wonderful place.


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