A Couple Of Aussies May Have Skied In Defiance Of Isolation Order

According to a report from The Aspen Times, it's possible that two Australians that tested positive for COVID-19 may have broken an isolation order and hit the slopes at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado.

Isolated Australians allegedly defy order, go skiing

Two Australians ordered into isolation in Aspen after testing positive for COVID-19 may have defied a public health order and left their hotel room Friday to ski in Snowmass Village, an official said Saturday. In addition, local public health officials received confirmation Saturday of the first presumptive positive COVID-19 test from a Pitkin County resident, according to a news release.

There is currently an investigation into whether or not at least one of these people did actually go skiing in defiance of the order. The Colorado Attorney General's Office was considering filing legal action to help in enforcing the isolation order.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) had not been able to confirm or deny if that skiing incident took place, but they were looking into the possibility.

“We were investigating the possibility that some people defied orders, and we were quickly exploring options for enforcement, which primarily includes filing an action in court to enforce the isolation or quarantine order,” according to the email statement from the CDPHE. "During this same time, release from isolation became appropriate for several individuals as the release criteria were met, and isolation orders have been terminated on an ongoing basis beginning today.”

Currently, it is still being suggested that people continue to practice social distancing and maintain proper hygiene techniques to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This also includes following any health agency order to remain isolated.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel Ltd/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]


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