A Ski Edit Fitting For The Changing Of The Seasons -- "Real Skifi At Havumäki Ranch" -- VIDEO

There are places in this country, specifically the Northeast, where one can just look out their window and see that the seasons are changing. The snow is starting to melt. But that doesn't mean it's time to put away the ski gear, but it could mean that it's time to get out the summer gear...and combine them. Here, watch this and you'll see what I mean.

It seems that the folks at Real SkiFi are truly bridging the gap between seasons in this short that is shot at the Havumäki Ranch in Finland. With private snow and skateparks to play on, the possibilities, with the right imagination, are close to limitless. How so? Well, more than once you'll see both a pair of skis and a skateboard being used simultaneously, not to mention my favorite moment involving a transition from a rail, to a pool, to a backflip. That's right, what you just read happened in this film.

It really is an awesome edit that's worth at least one view, though I am going to watch it more. I loved it! It's short, too, so don't let the idea of a long edit you might not like scare you away, though I'm pretty sure you'll like this one.


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