A Ski Promo With A Sense Of Humor -- Day Tickets To White Pine, WY Came With TP

We all know that times are tough right now with the COVID-19 outbreak. Everything is shutting down, including ski mountains. But, for those mountains that are still open, they need to bring in the guests and the best way to do that is with a promo that will get just about anybody's attention and maybe get a chuckle or two.

As we know, one of the ways we can get through these rough times due to the outbreak is to stay positive. Being able to get out on a lift-serviced hill could be a way to do that. But, we also know that being able to laugh will go a long way to staying positive and this kind of promo could be considered fairly funny.

At this time the mountain in Wyoming does appear to still be operating, though there hasn't been word as to their supply on the toilet paper giveaway. Also, there could be a debate started as to the responsibility or irresponsibility of a mountain still spinning lifts at a time like this. But, a joke stemming from social commentary could be a welcome thing.

Thumbnail Credit: White Pine Ski & Summer Resort/FB


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