Andri Ragettli Is Playing #FloorIsLava Again -- #StayAtHome Style -- VIDEO

I can't lie, I really get a kick out of this Andri Ragettli's videos. This one actually cracked me up a little bit, too. I mean, I get that this is his shtick, but still, to come up with a #StayAtHome parkour course is something else and kind of funny. However, it really does show that the kid has some skill and some imagination. The bonus to this video is that he is donating one cent for every like the video gets to the W.H.O. for the fight against COVID-19. That's pretty awesome, so don't forget to leave the like, which you'll probably do anyway.

Oh, and so it's said, my take away from this, other than it being entertaining, is that he left quite the mess around his house. I mean, he does have isolation time to straighten up, but still. Also, walking on the kitchen counter, even with clean shoes, is kind of dirty.

P.S. - As he says in the video description or in a comment of his own on the video, do not try this at home. Be safe, Y'all!


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