Get Your Action Sports Fill -- ESPN2 Presents X Games Vault Starting Tonight

Skiing and snowboarding have been considered action sports at times, which is why both sports have made it into the X Games, alongside other winter and summer sports that are, at times, fueled by fun and straight-up adrenaline. Starting tonight, March 31st, at 7 P.M. EST, ESPN2 is going to take you through some of the top moments is all of those sports over the last 25 years.

Keep yourself busy during your isolation with a six-hour marathon of X Games programming. The six-hour block will begin at 7 p.m. ET with X Games Classix: 10 Years of Moto X, move onto four hours of World of X Games episodes and close out with a film from ESPN’s 30 for 30 library, Birth of Big Air.

Programming Schedule

X Games Classix: 10 Years of Moto X - 7 P.M.

Moto X debuted at X Games in 1999, and this show chronicles the best motorcycle action from the first 10 years. It includes the greatest hits from the golden age of moto: 15-year-old Travis Pastrana winning the inaugural X Games Freestyle contest, Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha wreaking havoc, Mike Metzger blowing minds with back-to-back backflips. It’s all here, from the first 360s and body varials to one of the crowning moments of X Games — Pastrana’s legendary double backflip in 2006.

Some of history’s top racers are highlighted, too. Motorcycle Hall of Fame members like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Doug Henry, and Jeff Ward all are featured capturing gold medals in disciplines as diverse as SuperMoto to Step Up.

World of X Games: Most Dominant Winter Edition - 8 P.M.

Originally aired in January 2015, the Most Dominant Winter Edition celebrates the best on-snow athletes — and their best moments — from those first 17 years of X Games winter events.

Shaun White, Jamie Anderson, Kelly Clark, Tanner Hall, and the archetype X Games bad boy, Shaun Palmer, are among those highlighted. Combined, the Most Dominant Winter Edition athletes have collected 84 gold medals. See how.

World of X Games: Most Dominant Summer Edition  - 9 P.M.

Originally aired in May 2015, the Most Dominant Summer Edition chronicles the leading athletes from the first 20 years of X Games. These aren’t just the top names in action sports, these are some of the most famous athletes in recent history. Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra, and Nyjah Huston are featured. So is Bob Burnquist, whose 30 X Games medals are the most all-time. Relive their greatest triumphs.

World of X Games: 20 Years, 20 Firsts - 10 P.M.

X Games charted the course of action sports when it launched on June 24, 1995. As X Games prepares to observe its 25th anniversary, celebrate 20 of the top feats from the franchise’s first 20 years.

After opening with the initial gold medal awarded at X Games (Justin Seers, Barefoot Jumping), 20 Years, 20 Firsts details many of the most memorable moments in X Games history. Tony Hawk’s 900 in 1999. Shaun White’s perfect 100 in 2012’s Snowboard SuperPipe. BMX icon Mat Hoffman’s no-handed 900 in 2002. Heath Frisby’s snowmobile frontflip. Jake Brown’s epic crash in Skateboard Big Air. All of those plus firsts from Mark McMorris, Ryan Sheckler and more are part of this trip down memory lane.

World of X Games: Remembering Mirra - 11 P.M.

Remembering Mirra documents the life, legacy, and influence of BMX legend Dave Mirra. The full episode features dialogue from Steve Swope, Ryan Nyquist, and Daniel Dhers.

World of X Games: Animal Chin 30 Year Anniversary - 11:30 P.M.

Originally aired in 2016, “The Search Is Never Over” documents legendary Bones Brigade skaters Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, and Steve Caballero as they reunite to skate the newly built Chin Ramp at Woodward West, thirty years after the original ramp was built.

30 for 30: Birth of Big Air - 12 A.M.

In 1985, at the tender age of 13, Mat Hoffman entered into the BMX circuit as an amateur, and by 16 he had risen to the professional level. Throughout his storied career, Hoffman has ignored conventional limitations, instead, focusing his efforts on the purity of the sport and the pursuit of “what’s next.” His motivations stem purely from his own ambitions, and even without endorsements, cameras, fame, and fans, Hoffman would still be working to push the boundaries of gravity. Academy Award nominee Spike Jonze and extreme sports fanatic Johnny Knoxville, along with director Jeff Tremaine, showcase the inner workings and exploits of the man who gave birth to Big Air.


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