Helping Out The Mountain Workers -- Fundraising Campaign From No Boundaries

From a group that looks to bring "New England's best lift ticket deals" to the masses comes the hope of a helping hand for mountain workers that are caught up in the recent ski area and resort shutdowns due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

"With nearly every mountain in New England shut down, most seasonal mountain employees are unexpected without a paycheck for the next month or more. These are the people that catch the chairs for you, groom the trails for you, serve your lunch in the lodge, and much more. Many resort owners are already doing what they can to support their employees through this tough time, but not every mountain can or will." - From The No Boundaries Website

No Boundaries was started with the hopes to make skiing and snowboarding throughout New England more accessible and cheaper. A person can sign up and watch out for member-only deals from across the region. Now, they are looking to help out those who are out of work due to the recent shutdowns by using their platform to get the word out and do some fundraising.

COVID-19 | No Boundaries

This pandemic will impact everyone, either physically, economically, or both. No Boundaries will certainly be impacted. This side project has been successful for us since we started it in 2014, but we will certainly lose money this year due to the abrupt end to the ski season.

The link above will take those who are interested to a webpage on the No Boundaries website which will not only allow for a donation to be made if you can, but it's also a place to register if one is in need of help during these times. It's a bit of positivity at a time where a lot of people could use it.

Now, clearly, this is geared towards those in New England, which is also the home of Ski Rex Media. However, it is likely that there are similar fundraising and awareness campaigns going on in your region. Take a look around, give some help if you can, or ask for help if you need to. It's a rough world out there right now.

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