Indy Pass Is Giving Rebates Due To The Abrupt Season End -- 30-100% Possible

With the abrupt and early season finish, Indy Pass holders have the chance to get a bit of a rebate on those unused days.

The first rebate that pass holders are eligible for is a 30% discount on a 2020/2021 Indy Pass. That goes to any pass holder that was not able to redeem a ticket at an Indy Pass destination due to the recent and early shutdowns. The second rebate is for those that bought their pass after February 17th at the late-season price for $139. Those who were not able to redeem at all can apply 100% of their purchase price to a pass for next season if they purchase before December 1st.

"As skiers reckon with the premature end to a season that serves as their primary escape from the stresses of life, we wanted to make a small concession to those who had been planning to use their passes for spring skiing and had those plans cut short," said Indy Pass founder Doug Fish.

Make sure to write this down or mark it in your calendar, because 2020/2021 Indy Passes don't go on sale until September 1st, which will be for $199 and has been teased with several new partner resorts. Once again, Indy Pass might just be the way to go for the next season.

Photo Credit: Indy Pass


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