Let's Take A Look At The Tunnel Run At Alpe d'Huez With Malcolm Moore -- VIDEO

This is without a doubt one of the most unique runs in the world because it takes skiers and riders through a tunnel that goes straight through the mountain.

In this video from Malcolm Moore, he takes viewers to the very top of the run, well before a skier or rider hits the tunnel. From there he shows us the inside of the tunnel and the steep section right after exiting the tunnel. Mr. Moore also provides commentary for the entire run, which includes elevation and location details. It's pretty informative.

I have to say that, though I have had an interest in this run since I learned about it, I did not know that it is one of the steepest runs on the entire continent. Some of the steeps after the tunnel do look a little tricky, but totally doable. Also, this video catches it on a wicked bluebird day, so the views are just ridiculous, even as seen through a helmet-mounted camera. This video is pretty recent, too, with Mr. Moore expressing some of the same feelings we all have with the shutdown of the ski season due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the video's description. But, it's through videos such as this that we can keep those ski and snowboard thoughts fresh and stay ready for when the hills all reopen.


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