Skier Rage -- Victim? -- A Camera Drone -- VIDEO

Skier and snowboarder rage is nothing new and can lead to all kinds of bad, including physical attacks that can leave people battered, bruised, and broken. Now, in this instance, it doesn't appear that any person was hurt, but the drone likely did not survive the attack. Just so you know, there is a lot of rough language in this one.

It could be said that there are a lot of us that would agree with the aggressor. A drone flown like that on an open run would be very dangerous and anyone would be pissed if they were almost hit. Having said that, it could be argued that this is a staged video and that there was never any real danger. But, if it is real, then there is a lot of danger. In any case, there is a second angle on this one. Watch below where a spectator also got the event on video.

Real or fake, it was still entertaining in a way, so that's something. But even more importantly, this does present a real safety message. One that is agreed upon across the skiing and riding world since mountains have banned drones from the slopes. What do you think about this one? Real? Fake? Would this be an overreaction? Or would it be an underreaction? Either way, keep your eyes peeled for anything when out there taking runs.


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