Wicked Double Backie On Skiboards -- And A Little More -- VIDEO

The wonderful thing about doing hashtag searches is that one can find things they don't always expect. Now, I am a lover of the skiboards, I don't hide this, but I don't always expect there to be other people out there using them. I am afraid that one day they will seize to show up even on the internet. But, that day has not come! Shoot, it could be said that skiboards are still thriving. Check out this wicked awesome double back-flip posted by J Skis, which I have to give a HUGE shout out to because of the "802" in the contact number!

Just looking wicked nice in the video! I really wouldn't mind having a pair of these, but with only 160 pairs left on the website, that might not happen. But, that's okay. I'm just happy to see the community is still alive and well.

So alive that I think I will link one more post here, you know, to push skiboarding and all the fun that can be had on them. Also, as I have said many times before, a pretty girl will always get people's attention.

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Thumbnail Credit: J Skis/IG


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