A Light At The End Of The COVID-19 Tunnel? -- Beartooth Basin, MT Sticks With Opening Date In May

Summertime skiing and snowboarding in North America is something of a rarity, but it does happen. One of the spots to visit during the summer months in Beartooth Basin, a summer-only ski hill set amongst the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. It's this summer opening date that is giving the mountain, and skiers & riders who lost a large chunk of the season due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a positive outlook for the return of mountain sports.

Yesterday, April 7th, the mountain took to their social media pages to announce that May 30th is still set to be their opening day.

Now, as they say in the post, the May 30th opening day is dependent on how the outbreak goes during the month of April and into May. It is still very possible that this summer mountain, along with mountains is the Southern Hemisphere, will have to delay opening or even possibly cancel seasons due to the viral outbreak.

However, it is good to see some positivity concerning the outbreak, a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a welcome change to see good news when it comes to how COVID-19 has affected the sport and industry that so many of us love.

Photo: Beartooth Basin, MT Trail Map - Credit: Beartooth Basin


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