Employee That Made Vail Protest Sign Has Been Terminated, Allegedly

As the wave of COVID-19 closures was washing over the ski industry, seasonal resort employees, and the resorts they worked for, were scrambling to figure out what to do and how to do it. This ended up leaving many seasonal employees with very little choices, and in some cases, with nowhere to live. This included seasonal employees of Vail Resorts, Inc.

Just as the shutdown of all Vail mountains was announced, another announcement was made that all employees had 10-days to vacate employee housing by the 27th of March. This left many workers looking for a new place to live with very few choices as to where to go, based in part on other closures throughout the United States, as well as international travel restrictions which would not allow foreign workers to make it home.

One employee, in particular, took issue with Vail employees being asked to vacate and decided to bring light to the story through the use of a sign created to protest the decision. According to a report from the Vail Daily, Tim McMahon erected a sign at the Beaver Creek snow stake so that it would be visible on the still operating webcam. He did this on March 27th, coinciding with the last day Vail employees had to leave.

As a result, it has been reported that McMahon has been fired for this action. McMahon told the Vail Daily that he was contacted while on furlough from one of Beaver Creek's food service establishments. The call came from Vail Resorts management. “They said they were 99.9 percent positive it was me based on video,” McMahon said. “They said they didn’t want to get me in legal trouble, they just wanted to know why I did it.”

He did admit to being the one who placed the sign at the snow stake, as well as making some complaints about his place of employment. He went on to say that he was contacted the following day and informed that he was terminated.

“My boss called me, he said I’m no longer coming back at Beano’s or any Vail Resorts property,” McMahon said. “He said it was from the sign, straight up. It came down from the top.”

Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Resort/Snow Stake Webcam - March 27


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