Go Behind The Scenes On What Will Be The Biggest Ski Film Of The Year -- VIDEO

Now, saying that Freeride Skiing at Home - A Ski Movie By Philipp Klein is going to the biggest ski film of the year might be a little premature, but then again, this little film went so viral so fast and spawned a wave of similar films inspired by this one, that it's still a good bet to say that it's going to be the biggest.

With that popularity and interest not only came the homage films but some interest in how the original was made.  Philipp Klein, the creator of the original film, was kind enough to make a behind the scenes feature for those who were interested that includes a little, mini, basic how-to. From the looks of it, that's all one needs to get a similar film done.

That's pretty cool, right? Is this enough to get you to want to make your own while the isolation guidelines are still in effect? There have been several others popping up around social media featuring many other outdoor sports, so pick your favorite, pick the right room in your house, and have a good time with this one.

If you did happen to miss the original, you can take a look at that below. Though, it's likely you'll just click on over to it after you've finished the behind the scenes video. Either way, enjoy it. Just about everyone in the world has, too.


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