Great Skier Documentary...Sort Of -- "The Kook" -- VIDEO

People love to take a glimpse into the life of those that go pro in a sport that they love. This even includes listening or watching the stories of those who had the aspiration and the drive but never really had the chance to make it to the pros. Here is one of those stories.

The Kook from Sam Blakesberg on Vimeo.

Now, this one is over a year old, so you may have seen it before, or you watched it before reading down this far. Either way, you've noticed that this isn't a real documentary. That's not much of a spoiler for those who are still reading before watching the film as this film is done very well. While watching it one could easily forget that this is just all in good fun.

This film is made to resemble some of the more serious films that we have seen come out of the skiing and snowboarding world, just with a character that's not quite someone we have ever seen in the skiing and snowboarding world. But, by the end, you really feel for the main character and want almost want him to be real, to achieve what he has set out to do. I mean, it would be really ridiculous if he did, but still, you'd want to see him succeed.

Also, there is a send in this film that is almost jaw-dropping. Actually, it is jaw-dropping and I won't ruin that either. You'll know it when you see it.

Thumbnail Credit: The Kook/Vimeo


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