Home Built Ski Home In A Cargo Trailer -- Live That Dream! -- VIDEO

I am interested in more than the ski world. Some of those other interests involve the minimalist lifestyle, travel and van life, tiny houses, and the like. That lands me on the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel fairly often. I find it wicked interesting, but that kind of went double when the channel featured a lone freeskier who built a stealth house trailer out of a single-axle cargo trailer. It's pretty sweet, too.

A really simple, yet slick design just makes this cool, even if one isn't interested in travel living or minimalist living. For those that are, it might be giving you a few ideas on what you want to put into your own build. For those skiers and snowboarders who have thought about taking a season on the road to chase storms or just set up shop where the snow looks fine, this video could be just another bit of inspiration that gets you on the road. Dare to dream, because some would agree that this guy is living it.


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