In Response To The Financial Hardships Of The COVID-19 Outbreak, Magic Mountain, VT Lowers Pass Prices

As the country is facing an economic downturn due to issues presented with the COVID-19 outbreak, Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont is dropping prices on next season's passes for its annual "Early Bird Sale" in hopes to give the mountain's fans a little relief in financial terms when it comes to prepping for the next season.

Starting on April 15th, the prices on Magic Mountain season passes are being cut 5-10% across the board versus last year's Early Bird Sales period. All of Magic's "Unlimited" season passes, which come with zero restrictions, are being reduced by 10%. Other pass products from Magic are also being cut by 5%.

"One of the reasons we pushed the start of our Early Bird Pass Sale period from our usual April 1st start date to today's April 15th date was to give us time to absorb the new reality of COVID-19 and its impact holistically on the broader region and country, and then develop a response designed to meet the needs of our individual ski community and small business," said Geoff Hatheway, President of SKI MAGIC LLC and Magic Mountain Ski Area. "Even though we rely tremendously on the growing revenue and popularity of our early sales of season passes to perform all the off-season work required to maintain and improve this independent ski area, we feel a deep partnership with our ski community. By reducing prices and the potential revenue we receive, we hope it will give our skiers and riders some comfort in these uncertain times to purchase passes early, lock-in those great discounts, and then they, in turn, help us as well through the long off-season by making a financial commitment to Magic with a season pass."

Aside from the later Early Bid Sale start date and the lower pricing, Magic is also making it easier for its fans to buy passes by extending the sale duration for an entire month. Instead of a May 15th deadline, customers will have until June 15th to lock in the savings of Magic Mountain pass products. The idea here is that "This will give customers extra time to sort through their finances and the government's relief programs, in order to take advantage of the Early Bird Sale deep discounts which can save customers up to $260 per pass compared to regular in-season pass pricing."

To make the deadline extension even sweeter, for the first time Magic is offering a payment plan for the Early Bird Sale period. Magic pass holders now that the option to pay half of the pass cost when purchased between April 15th and June 15th, with the second payment being due on September 1st. This is also a no-interest deal.

"Our passes have always been very affordable so there's never been a strong call by our customers for a payment plan," noted Hatheway. "But as families get hit economically through no fault of their own, a little help by dividing up the payment over time should benefit some customers while assuring the ski area still gets funding when we need it to prepare the mountain for the ski season."

All of these deep discounts and new payment options come with three new pass options, as well. The first is an expansion of the Military Pass, which will now become the new unlimited Service Pass. This pass option is available to active-duty police, fire, paramedics, nurses, and ER/ICU doctors and will cost $269. There is also the new unlimited "One Big Family" pass, a flat-rate pass for families with two parents and three or more children, that essentially lowers the pass price for the third child from $269 to $199, then any child after that is free. In addition, Magic's Vermonter passes, which have provided deeply discounted prices to Vermont school-age children age 6-17 ($94), their parents ($189) and their teachers ($189), has now been expanded to include an unlimited pass for ANY Vermont local resident (those who do not have school-age kids) for $289.

"We pride ourselves on developing creative new pass products which help make this sport more affordable and give people the opportunity to get a lot, or a little, Magic in their lives," said Geoff Hatheway. "Importantly with our newly expanded Service Pass, it's also our way of saying 'thank you' to those who put their lives on the line for us during this crisis--military, first responders and key medical personnel."

In addition, Magic has a new policy to help protect customer purchases given the future uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and a possible second wave of the disease. If the government were to close ski areas in Vermont before opening day, then all Magic season passes purchased at these heavily discounted prices would be fully credited toward a 21/22 season pass, with no additional cost, even if those future passes are priced higher. Magic will also provide partial credit toward the purchase of a 21/22 season pass if the 20/21 season is cut short by government order before February 1.

For those looking to get in on the Early Bird Sale at Magic Mountain, all of Magic's pass products can be found at their website Also, contact information for any other questions you may have can be found there as well, including links to all social media pages.

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In response to COVID-19 and the uncertain economic times this spring: -Magic has lowered our season pass prices up to 10% just for this Early Bird sales period compared to last year's Early Bird pricing to give some relief to our customers!

Photo Credit: Magic Mountain Ski Area/FB


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