Isolation Creativity Brings About A Hell Of A Freeride Short Film -- VIDEO

While most of us are using this isolation time to watch past favorites or catch up with new ski and snowboard films, there are those that are using the time to make new films. This one might be the best to come out of the COVID-19 isolation. Then again, it might be up for one of the best ski films of 2020 when the time comes to choose.

Made by Philipp Klein Herrero as a way to cheer up a bit from having to cancel a freeride trip due to the lockdown, this short really is the embodiment of what a lot of skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports fans, in general, are feeling with the lockdowns, closures, and other isolation guidelines. It also shows where positive thought can lead a person and how creativity can be quite the weapon to not only fight boredom but to fight feeling down during times like these.


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