I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- Feline SnowSkate Edit -- VIDEO

I have been pretty open to my love of animals here on Ski Rex Media. I have also said that I haven't had much interaction with animals while visiting a ski hill. Now, seeing this kind of animal having this kind of interaction is not what I had in mind and is something that I have never seen at a ski hill.

Now, I'm thinking that snowskates are even rarer on the hill than the skiboards that you all know that I love, plus this video isn't on a ski hill, anyway. It's a backyard setup. But, to see a cat riding one is something that nobody would expect to see anywhere. Though, I don't think it's that surprising that the cat is riding the snowskate well. Felines are known for their balance and agility. But still, who the heck would ever think they would catch a kitty on snowskate? Oh well, the video is still pretty entertaining, especially when one realizes that the music is specifically for the kitty in this video.


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