More Social Distancing Creativity In Ski Film - "Juho Kilkki - Social Distancing" -- VIDEO

"Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention"

A proverb that is true across many of the things that each of us tries to achieve every day, it's also one of the cardinal lessons of filmmaking. It has a basis in creativity, as in, one may have to create something new or create a new way of looking at a situation in order to make it happen. In this short film, it's clear that filming while remaining socially distant was the necessity, and boy did the skier that's featured come up with some inventive ways to get the job done.

With but a few water bottles, some rope, a camera, and a tripod, and a few other things, Juho Kilkki was able to work a small, urban park edit all by himself. A little creativity and likely some planning, and he was able to set up shots that would usually be filmed by a second camera person. But, these are the days of social distancing and a second person just won't do right now. It's clear that the boy has a good head on his shoulders and it pretty creative. So much so that although the way he captured the motion shots stole the show, he was able to sneak in a few nice looking stationary shots, as well. It's pretty awesome!


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