Need A Classic For Your Quarantine Movie Night? -- "There's Something About McConkey"

It's not often that a person can be crowned the King God of anything while at the same time being the court Jester. That's part of the reason that Shane McConkey is and always will be a legend. Relive some classic McConkey moments in the 2000 Matchstick Productions film all about the man himself, including the Machete Commercial, which is one of my personal favorite moments. Check out the intro to the film first.

Then, head over to the Matchstick Productions website to watch the film in its entirety and in all of its SD glory, all for the cost of the time it takes you to sign in. That's it. A classic film, classic guy, and it's sure to keep you busy now that you have exhausted just about everything the streaming services have to offer. Actually, this is probably where we all should have started.

There's Something About McConkey (2000) - Matchstick Productions

In 2000, skiing's GOAT and clown prince might have been just getting started. But as far as most skiers were concerned, Shane McConkey was already well into revolutionizing the sport on multiple levels--through action, innovation, and ridiculousness. A movie about Shane seemed to be a no-brainer.
Thumbnail Credit: Matchstick Productions


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