Ski Rex Media Updates, Ideas, & Injury Status -- Ski Rex Says...

If you got click baited into reading this one because I used the word "Injury" in the title, that's kind of awesome. How is that awesome? Well, because it worked. But, thats really only a joke. I do have an Injury that has me flat on my back, but I'll get to that. First, let me get into the updates and ideas.

If you are also a follower of Ski Rex Media's social media pages, then you may very well have seen the post below.

Well, this is what I came up with during that thinking. 

First, on social media there was mention of a live event from Ski Rex Media. I'm not sure who made the mention offhand, but it wasn't the first time. I've been thinking about doing a get together for a while now. The question, though, is where and when? The problem is that neither of those questions is easy to answer at the moment. 

I'll put it like this. I had some hopes of doing a summertime get together at Big Snow American Dream. However, because of the virus outbreak, that won't happen. Like many places around the world there isn't a confirmed date for reopening. So, that idea is out and the first opportunity for a get together or little event would be after the start of the season. We'll just have to see how that goes with the outbreak, as well.

So, I can shoot for an event after the season starts, which may be after the new year. That feels like it's a ways off, but that is the best, I think, that can be done right now. I have to wait until everything is confirmed to be open and allowing groups of people to get together. Then we'll see what can be done. Don't give up hope on the idea of a Ski Rex Media meet & greet, just be patient.

My second thought was centered around the 2021 Vermont ski mountain tour. Again, part of that would be based on how mountains are going to be able to operate after the outbreak has gone away. However, that isn't going to be the biggest issue. To do a full tour, I'm thinking it's going to take a bunch of funding that I may not have. With that said, a Ski Rex Media tour will probably not happen. I'm thinking more meet & greets throughout the season would be better, along with jumping on the Vermont Route 100 Ski Tour of 2021 that @snowbumlife is doing. I know a few of the fans are planning to join up with him during his tour and I'd like to as well. But, a full tour of my own probably won't happen this season. Which, as I said, is why I'm shooting for meet & greet events. But, that's not all I'm shooting for.

I've had it in mind to do a little good with Ski Rex Media. I'd like to do a little charity work or fundraising for a cause that I believe in. I'm not going to get too much into it now since there is a bunch of planning to do to see if I could even get it done to benefit the organization that I'd like to. I can say that my idea is similar to the Mt. Everest challenges that others have done. Raising money by skiing enough vertical to match the altitude of Everest, but I'd like to put my own spin on it. That's the basic idea, it's just going to take a bunch of planning, phone calls, and emails to see if I can get it done. But, the second things are confirmed, I'll let you all know. Then you can support it, if you'd like, in any way that you can. In fact, I won't mind the company that day, I'm sure, so it could also be another meet & greet opportunity. Keep an eye for that after the new year, as well.

As for updates, things are still about the same here at the HQ. Though, there will not be a regular podcast episode this week, April 22. Due to another project outside of Ski Rex Media and my own lack of creativity, I was not able to put together a topic that I thought would work for the podcast. I know, sometimes I throw something together and put it up just to not miss a day, but that doesn't always work out the way I hope. There might be something in place of the podcast, but I haven't totally worked that out either. We'll see.

This also caused the written content to be slow for Monday and today. In fact, this is the first piece that has gone up over the last two days. Again, the other project kind of got in the way, but there's more to that, which leads me back to the click bait-esque title.

Yesterday, I ended up hurting my back pretty bad. So, I'm writing this on my little tablet while lying on my back because sitting at the desk hurts, which SUCKS! I know, I'm kind of a bitch for saying so, but it's true. That's also part of the reason there isn't a new podcast recorded. I haven't been at the desk much, so I didn't record. But like I said, I may have something else in the morning. We'll see. However, I'm going to try getting some more written content out with this tablet. It's takes a bit longer to type and I don't have as much control over formatting, but I going to try to make it work.

So, there you go, My Friends. A little status report from your boy here at Ski Rex Media. Thanks for reading this one and if you could share it, I'd appreciate it. This is only going to last a day or two, so don't bail on me, okay? I'll be back to business as usual in no time. But, while you're waiting, you can click around the website to read past articles you may have missed, check out past podcast episodes, visit the merch shop and Patreon pages, or hang out on the social media pages. It's all up to you. Thanks again, though, for being a Ski Rex Media fan. I appreciate it more than I can express, especially with the pain I'm feeling in my lower back.😂


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