Some Video Out Of The Social Distancing Ski Capital Of The U.S. -- VIDEO

This past Wednesday, April 22, Mt. Baldy in California decided it was time to let those who could get back onto their skis and boards do just that for a little springtime riding, as long as they could follow some social distancing guidelines and restrictions and were okay with a mountain only having limited services.

The Season Restarts Today At Mt. Baldy, CA -- The First Hill Open Post-Corona Restrictions

As the talk of reopening recreation areas begins to ramp up across the United States, one ski mountain in California is not just talking about it, but actually doing it. Mt. Baldy, CA is officially the first mountain to reopen here in the U.S. and it all begins today, April 22.
Well, it seems like they were able to keep the crowd to a minimum, but perhaps a little bit of an issue with staying away from each other. Maybe not, though. As you can see in the video below, there were a few people over at Mt. Baldy enjoying, what looks like, a wonderful, beautiful spring day. The kind of day that one might not expect to see masks, except during the time of COVID-19, but every one the skier passed had one on, so they were definitely trying.


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