Telluride Ski Rapper Is Back With That "Social Distance" -- VIDEO

Social distancing guidelines are still very much in effect across the United States and other parts of the world. We have seen a few popular musicians not only spread the word about the need to follow these guidelines but have also performed online to help the masses get through this time of social distancing and isolation. This continues now with a Hip Hop star from our own winter sports ranks.

Lionel Starr, better known to the world as LIF TKT and straight out of South Central Telluride, has dropped his latest tune which helps to spread the word about the need for social distancing and being aware of how to carry on in our daily lives during these times. 

A good sense of humor is a must during times like these, as well as the need for art in all of its forms, including music. So, enjoy the rap music and let it help you stay a little positive.


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