Who Be Hatin' On Mountains Posting Snow Photos During Lockdown? A-Basin Fans, That's Who

Though the mountains are closed, have been closed, and will remain closed for some time to come, we have all had our imaginations running hot with thoughts about what our home mountains look like covered in snow. But, thanks to the wonderful folks at these mountains, we haven't had to rely purely on imagination. A large number of our mountains have been using social media to keep the stoke alive by posting current photos of new-fallen snow as a way to keep the positivity and anticipation high while we wait out the COVID-19 outbreak. How could that be a bad thing?

Well, for most people, the answer would be that it isn't. But, there is a world of haters out there that have been throwing shade at some of the mountains that continue to post photos. While some of it is good-natured ribbing and playfully calling these mountains "teases", some of the hate is straight-up the real thing and has gone so far that it elicited a response. In this case, that response came from the COO of Arapahoe Basin, CO, Alan Henceroth.

"It is another snowy day at The Basin. I am guessing 8-10 inches has fallen since the storm began last night."
"I feel compelled to write about some recent blog comments a few of you have made. I have taken the time to write this blog to provide some insight, imagery and fun about Arapahoe Basin. The blog is written for people that love A-Basin. Obviously right now, I am not writing about the skiing because I have not skied at A-Basin since before the ski area closure. I have been up on the hill a few times on the snowmobile just to keep an eye on the place. Many of you want hear about and see images of The Basin. Many people have told me this makes them happy. I have continued to post photos and comments about Basin Life."

"For some reason, this makes a few of you angry. I don't really get that. I want to continue to share Arapahoe Basin with the people that want to stay connected. If you don't want read about or see pictures of The Basin, this might be a time to take a little break from the blog. If you still want to stay connected, I will do my best to bring a little Basin sunshine to you while we wait out this pandemic."
- From "Al's Blog", April 16, 2020

Thankfully for Mr. Henceroth and the folks at A-Basin, there are also plenty of comments that are more positive and that do enjoy the photos of their favorite mountain. This includes Facebook user Kim Clemens who commented "It would be cool to get lots of pictures of A-basin with snow cover and no tracks. Probably will never happen again." This one, along with others, shows that the lovers outnumber the haters and that there are those looking for the bright side while they can't be on their mountain.

Photo: Al's Blog/Arapahoe Basin, CO Credit: Al Henceroth


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