Afriski Mountain Resort Set To Open For 2020

As restrictions surrounding COVID-19 are starting to lessen, the Southern Hemisphere's winter is starting to look more and more promising for those that are able to take advantage of it. This is especially true for Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho, where the lockdown has been lifted and the resort is ready to welcome local visitors.

Credit: Afriski Mountain Resort

Though full details for the skiing and snowboarding season have yet to be given, the mountain has been getting ready for the season. This includes firing up snowmaking during a bit of recent cold weather.

It would seem that some of those snowguns are brand new, as well. A brand new fan gun can be seen being unwrapped in a resort promo video that pays homage to the 80s comedy classic The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Again, there are not a lot of details coming from Afriski about the guidelines and restrictions they will have to operate within, however, it can be assumed that they will be similar to other places in the world. This would include social and physical distancing guidelines, the requirement of masks and gloves, limited on-mountain services, and limiting the number of visitors that can on the mountain at once.

However, there has been confirmation that only local, in-country visitors will be able to visit the resort for the time being. International travel has not yet been restored the area.

Top Photo: Snowmaking At Afriski For 2020 - Credit: Afriski Mountain Resort/FB


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