Another Oregon Reopening -- Mt. Bachelor Opening For Pass Holders Next Week

As the announcements of ski mountains reopening keep coming, there is a second mountain to add to list in Oregon. Mt. Bachelor has announced that they will reopen for next week, May 16th through May 24th, for pass holders.

"Mt. Bachelor is thrilled to offer existing 2019/20 pass holders (Outplay 365, Season, Midweek, 12-Day, and 4-Day pass holders) the opportunity to close down the season with some final spring turns. This limited-access opening will conclude our downhill season and on May 25, Mt. Bachelor will open for uphill travel." - Mt. Bachelor Website

Just like other mountains that are looking to reopen for the late spring or summer, Mt. Bachelor will be opening with its fair share of restrictions. One of those restrictions is the need to make reservations before heading to the mountain. Reservations will be available for up to 500 pass holders each day and those reservations need to be made 36-hours in advance. Reservations can be made through the Mt. Bachelor website.

Those who are able to reserve a spot for the day will have check-in at the Skyliner Parking Lot before being allowed to make their way up to the mountain. Parking will also be restricted to comply with social distancing guidelines. 

Along with parking lots, lift lines will also be set up to promote social distancing. Lift mazes will be set up in a way so that no guests will be side-by-side while waiting for their turn. All guests are welcome to ride alone, but there will be no more than two guests allowed per chair. Face masks of various types will be required and guests will be asked to load/unload without assistance.

All other mountain services will be unavailable during this week, except for restrooms. These will be the only services offered, and as part of the need to make staff and guests as safe as possible, the open restrooms will be cleaned hourly.

This could be a great way to finish out a season that ended so abruptly. As it is late in the season, however, Mt. Bachelor is reminding those that would like to come up of the springtime conditions at the mountain. Please be prepared for that as you plan your trip. If you need more assistance with your trip or more information, please head to this webpage and remember to follow Mt. Bachelor on its social media pages.

Photo Credit: Mt. Bachelor/FB


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