Beartooth Basin, Montana Confirmed -- Will Open At The End Of The Month

Being the only summer-only ski area in the United States, Beartooth Basin in Montana has quite a reputation and following. However, I don't think the proprietors of the ski area ever thought that being open only during the summer would ever come in handy like it's going to for the 2020 summer.

As things are starting to open back up as COVID-19 restrictions lessen and lessen, Beartooth Basin will be able to start their season on May 30th, just as they originally planned, and run until the snow is gone. It is likely that they will be running limited operations, just as other ski areas have and will have to. There have not been exact operation restrictions given as of yet, but will be as the opening day gets closer.

Photo Credit: Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area/FB


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