Positive Outlook & Vibe Coming Out Of Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

The announcement has been made that Timberline Lodge in Oregon is going to open up this Friday, May 15. It seems that there are other places still keeping hope alive that their states will open for the late skiing and riding season, too. In fact, just yesterday Alan Henceroth, COO of Arapahoe Basin, posted a couple of photos and a quick written piece to help keep Colorado hopes alive, too. Hopefully, he isn't far off the mark, and A-Basin will get the late May opening Mr. Henceroth, and probably a lot of A-Basin fans, are hoping for.

"The Snowcat Operators are pushing some snow around on the hill. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. One reason is to help with runoff. When the snow starts really melting, we need the water to go to the right places. We are opening up water bars in that effort. The second reason is trying to keep the snow where we need it in case we get the chance to re-open. Our next best chance of re-opening is late May. Keep your masks on and stay away from each other." - Alan Henceroth via Al's Blog


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