Sunday River, Maine Fires A Wonderful Comeback At A Hater

For those who haven't noticed, the world of social media is a breeding ground for trolls and haters. Yes, they can be annoying, but also yes, it can make for some fun for those who are more spectators than participants.

In this case, this whole trade of wit started with a misunderstanding by the fans and followers of The Sunday River Brewing Company and Sunday River the mountain. There were some that didn't realize that the restaurant would be open, but skiing and snowboarding are still closed to the public due to COVID-19. The confusion got to the point that the mountain had to release a press statement about it.

"The Sunday River Brewing Company restaurant is a landmark in the Bethel, Maine region and serves as an unofficial gateway for guests arriving at Sunday River Resort."

"Sunday River Resort does not own or operate the Sunday River Brewing Company, however, we work with them closely and appreciate their support of our community and resort. The Sunday River Brewing Company has been very generous in the assistance they have provided to the greater Bethel community during this pandemic, including the distribution of thousands of meals at no cost, and we are proud to support them in these efforts. We also appreciate their desire to re-open for business as soon as possible, which is shared by small businesses across the state."

"We are fortunate that Maine has been less affected by this pandemic than other parts of our country. Sunday River Resort remains closed following state orders and federal guidelines, but we look forward to welcoming guests back to enjoy the mountains and outdoors soon, and are working with state and business leaders to do so in a safe and responsible manner."
- Sunday River Media Release

With that, one would think all would be right with the world. But, as stated above, there is always a troll or hater waiting in the wings. With that being true, right after Sunday River took a version of the above release to a Twitter post, a troll jumped on to make their feelings about the mountain remaining closed known. But, that came at a price as the social media team fired back. It was nothing harsh or malicious, but just enough to shut a person up. Have a look for yourself below.

Credit: Sunday River/Twitter

A wonderful little retort that has just about gone viral in the world of winter sports, it could be said that this was just about a Supa Hot Fire level comeback. One also can't help but respect when the social media department has a sense of humor and is allowed to use it. Hats off to the ladies of Sunday River. You probably made fans out of people that have never even seen snow. 


Photo Credit: Sunday River/Facebook


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