The Indoor Facility Ski Dubai Has Reopened For Skiing & Riding

It could be called the most well known indoor skiing and snowboarding facility in the world and it is now once again ready to welcome guests.

Ski Dubai has officially reopened its doors as lockdown restrictions have been eased in the U.A.E.

As with the reopenings of Ski Dubai's outdoor resort cousins, several guidelines and procedures will be in place to help maintain a safe environment. These include social and physical distancing guidelines, increased cleaning and sanitation of the facility, and increased use of touchless payment systems.

Just like other mountain and skiing/snowboarding areas around the world, this reopening is geared towards locals, being that international travel has not yet been fully restored. If you are in a position to take advantage of this reopening, please head to the Ski Dubai website or their social media pages for more information.

Photo Credit: Ski Dubai/FB


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