Throw It Back To A Segment Featuring Young Henry Sildaru Chasing Down Thovex -- VIDEO

The wonderful folks at The Faction Collective posted a segment from their film THIS IS HOME, which debuted at the end of 2017. Does it suck that they posted a segment from a film that is just about 3 years old? Absolutely not! That goes double for this one as it features young up and comer Henry Sildaru chasing legend Candide Thovex through the mountains of Balme, France.

Almost being a short film about a master and apprentice, this segment speaks to Thovex's ability to make skiing of any type look effortless and Sildaru looking to keep the spirit alive as he continues to learn from those that came before him. It really is a wonderful 3-minutes of film. Also, shout out to the camera person. It can't be easy to keep up with talented riders such as Thovex and Sildaru anyway, but doing it with a camera rig must be double tough.


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