Utah Can Get Some Late Season Action Tomorrow, May 16th -- Snowbird Allows Uphill Access

Just like the rest of the ski industry, Snowbird in Utah shut its doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This ended up having to include uphill access to all of the wonderful snow that was still sitting on the side of the mountain. That, however, is coming to end tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th.

"Starting on Saturday, May 16, Snowbird terrain will open for uphill traffic. Backcountry conditions exist and social distancing is required. All facilities at Snowbird are closed." - Snowbird website

The website does state that all facilities will be closed, meaning that those who make their way up the hill will be on their own. Those folks are also asked to continue to follow social distancing guidelines while at the mountain. There is also the warning of backcountry conditions, meaning there is no grooming or similar trail maintenance in effect. If you choose to head up Snowbird, please be double careful while skiing or snowboarding and understand that you will be rescuing yourself if something goes wrong. There will be no ski patrol onhand.

Those who do choose to make the trek could find some nearly pristine snow sitting up at Snowbird, which will be mostly untouched. The mountain's website reports a 92" depth with about 545" over the season. This could be a sick, sick weekend for those that can tackle it.

Photo Credit: Snowbird/FB


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