We Skiing This Weekend? We Might Have The Artillery After A Late Winter Storm

Yes, there is still some snow up in some of those hills. But, most places still aren't open, even for uphill access. That's kind of disappointing, isn't it? Well, it could very well be more disappointing because a wicked late-season storm is possible here in the northeast.

It seems that snow is just about guaranteed across New England and Upstate NY. In a report from NBC News, snow could range from a dusting to 6-8 inches in places, with parts of northern New England possibly seeing a foot of snow.

Now, with snow there is cold and some outlets are looking at this system bringing on some record-breaking temperatures. This includes temps that are going to dip below freezing for some folks. If you take a look at this video from YouTube weather outlet Direct Weather, you can see that it's going to get wicked cold kind of quick and hang around through the weekend.

So, are we going to be skiing this weekend in the northeast? Well, it's likely that we would be able to if things were open. Also, there is the want to brave the cold, but I don't think that would stop too many folks as a lot of skiers and riders have been itching to get back out on the hill before the spring ends. But, at least we get a little taste of winter if nothing else. Just play safe, Everybody.

Thumbnail Credit: statschew/Flickr


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