A Dating Site For Skiers/Riders - Probably Shouldn't Be Surprised, Huh? - Ski Rex Says...

If one uses social media, they get ads. Which is usually fine. To be honest, anytime I get an ad for a dating site I feel as if the internet is trying to tell me that I'm a loser with women. That may or may not be true, but the surprising thing is not only the number of dating websites there are but how specific some of them can get when it comes to interests. For instance, because of my Star Wars fandom, I saw an ad for a Star Wars/Science Fiction dating site. So, I probably shouldn't have been surprised when I saw an ad for a skier/snowboarder dating site, but I kind of was.

Ski Dates - Meet Local Skiers

At Ski Dates, when life gets complicated, we go skiing! If you're done with dating sites that never connect you with someone who shares your passion for the snowy mountains, join the biggest dating site dedicated exclusively to skiers! When the mountains call, you must go!

Now, I like to think that chairlift conversation isn't dead, and it shouldn't be. Part of the fun of snowsports can be social interaction. I'd like to think it's still okay to have a nice chat with someone, get them to take a few runs, and then maybe meet up later. One might even find a special someone out there, which would be awesome, too. Heck, even I'd like to meet a special someone that I could take runs with. But, I guess if chairlift conversation isn't your thing or working a play that involves saving a damsel in distress on the snow, this might be the site for you.

I did create an account, though I didn't add anymore than my name to it. Turns out that either this site is still fairly new or there just aren't that many people on it. So, with that said, I don't know if this is going to work as well as a general search on Match or POF, so I don't know if looking for your skiing or riding soul mate on this site is worth it. But, if you're interested, at least you know the few folks that are on the site enjoy snowsports upfront. Take a look, the link is up there between paragraphs one and two.


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