A Tale Of "All's Well That Ends Well" At Suicide Six, Vermont

Theft is never a good thing. The best anyone who is a victim of theft can do is hope for the best. Luckily, this story of theft, or possible theft, ended with the return of the missing property. This story comes from Suicide Six Recreation Area, a ski hill here in central Vermont. It all started with a social media post from the hill from about a week and a half ago on May 27th.

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ATTENTION!: . Dear friends and family of Suicide Six, . As you know we’ve worked hard over the last 84(!) years to bring you the best in outdoor fun in a beautiful and caring environment. We’re a small mountain with a big heart, proud to be resourceful and prudent when making decisions, investing where and when we can in making the experience better for you. We’re happy to say that nearly all of you share in the love and respect we have for this amazing place. . Sometime late last week, our beloved SoPo Ranch Longhorn disappeared from the archway at the summit. This is disheartening in so many ways, and we are seeking your help in any information that would lead to its safe return. . Thanks for sharing!

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This post was a plea to locals and fans, as well as the person who might have boosted the SoPo Ranch Longhorn. This longhorn skull hangs from an archway at the top of the hill, overlooking the SoPo Ranch Terrain area. As one could tell from the above post, the operators were kind of upset about their missing mascot and were looking for the public's help in retrieving it.

Luckily for all of those involved, this turned out to be a very short story. After putting out the alert on social media it was but a few days later that the SoPo Ranch Longhorn was returned home.

Was this a thief that knew they were caught and felt guilty? Was this a horrible prank by someone who never had the intention of keeping the longhorn? Was it just some jerk being a jerk? Who can say? But, thankfully everything was returned in short order. Truly, a ski hill tale of All's Well That Ends Well".

Photo: The archway at the top of Suicide Six and the SoPo Ranch - Credit: Suicide Six Recreation Area/FB


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