Burton Is Looking To Have Its Own Music Venue

Music and action sports, which include snowboarding, skiing, and other winter and mountain sports, have gone hand in hand since action sports have been a thing. I remember many times while working at Mount Snow that all of us would leave an event, as employees, with at least one sampler CD. It seems that Burton would like to continue keeping music and snowsports together with a plan to add a music venue to the South Burlington, VT campus. For a bit more information, check out this video from mychamplainvalley.com.

Though having visited Burlington many times, I can say that I am not all that familiar with the entire town. With that said, I can't really weigh in on the concerns of the residents that share the South End with Burton. But, on a map, that area does look to have quite the mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zoning, not unlike the early stages of a round of Cities:Skylines. Could this work out for everyone involved? Likely it will, one way or the other. But to have a music venue, with food and food trucks, on the same site as snowboarding's Mecca would be wicked sick! 

It should also be noted that Higher Ground, the local venue that is partnering with Burton to get this done, does get quite the mix of talent. So, if the deal does go through, lineups at the new venue should not disappoint.


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