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I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- Wicked Unique Custom Snowboard -- VIDEO

Customization is a wonderful thing. Some people do it in simple ways, like tossing stickers on one's skis, snowboards, cars, or whatever. Others take it to whatever extreme their own skillset allows. Some do it for performance, some do it for aesthetics, and some do it just because they can. But in this case, it could be said that it was done to be one-of-a-kind.

I've seen many custom skis and boards in my day, all fitting in as I described above. However, I have never seen a snowboard like this. In this episode of the Signal Snowboards web series, Every Third Thursday, you'll see a very custom snowboard with a soft top. You read that right...a soft top. Oh, and it's a handmade soft top, to boot. A small spoiler that might get you more into it...it's crocheted.

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