Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley Resort Considering Changing Names Due To Racial Implications

It's being reported that Lake Tahoe ski resort, Squaw Valley Resort, could have a name change in its future. 

The word "squaw" has been thought of as a racist or derogatory term used towards Native American women. In light of the many current race issues, Sqauw Valley Alpine Meadows is considering the name change. 

A report from The Sacramento Bee says that a representative from the resort, Christine Horvath, said the business is looking into a plan to review the use of the word "squaw" in the mountain's name.

“Of course, what’s going on right now prompted us to say, ‘Look, we really need to take a look at this, and we need to get everyone involved,’ ” Horvath said.

As there are several businesses local to the ski mountain that also use the word "squaw" in their names, there could be many name changes coming in the future.

Photo: Squaw Valley Resort, CA - Credit: Rennett Stowe from USA / CC BY


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