Magic Hat Brewing Company Is Moving Out Of Vermont

Though there are a few names in brewing that are associated with Vermont, one of the most well-known and oldest is the Magic Hat Brewing Company. However, Magic Hat has just announced that it will be leaving the Green Mountain State for Upstate New York.

The announcement came yesterday across the brewery's social media pages. Magic Hat operations will be transferred to Rochester, NY to a facility that is owned and operated by its parent company, FIFCO USA.

"As one of the first craft breweries in Vermont, Magic Hat has created a storied history in Burlington," FIFCO USA CEO Rich Andrews wrote in a statement. "Our ties to Burlington made this decision very difficult."

According to a report from NBC5 out of Burlington, VT, the South Burlington facility will be taken over by another local brewing company, Zero Gravity. The report also state that the 43 current employees of the Magic Hat facility will be considered for open positions with Zero Gravity.


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