Quarantine Project From The Great & Wicked Creative Eric Pollard & Family

Those who have been following Ski Rex Media for more than five minutes know that I am a wicked big Eric Pollard fan. Amazing skier, great filmmaker, and wicked artistically creative. Honestly, there are times I look at what the man does, then take a look at my own sketchbook and videos that I have made, and then I start to get just a tad bit jealous. But, all kidding aside (as if I was kidding), the man does great work.

In this case, the work being done is customizing skis and snowboards. Here's the beauty of it. It's a DIY project that he and his children have been doing while being stuck at home during the days of COVID-19. He has been showing off the projects now and again on social media and just the other day he and the kids take a few minutes to show the folks at home how it was done.

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Quarantine project: doodle graphics with the kids.

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Such a great project and just so simple, too. I mean, if one is not experienced with removing their bindings, then it might be a little tough, but not too bad. Custom skis and snowboards, all made at home, a project that can be done with the family, and cost just a tad less than other customs. I don't even have a family and I want to try this one. I'm thinking my skiboards could use a new design so they might get a little more attention. What do you think? Yes, quarantines are almost done, but this could still make for a great summer project. Also, it's Eric Pollard. What more does one need to know?

Thumbnail Credit: Eric Pollard/IG


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