Snowboarder Rescued From Tuckerman Ravine

This past Saturday, June 27th, an unprepared snowboarder ventured into Tuckerman Ravine at Mt, Washington, NH only to fall and be seriously injured according to New Hampshire Fish and Game officials, via a report from the Boston Herald.

Ian Brown, 22 of Framingham, MA, attempted to take advantage of some late season riding with a group at the well-known backcountry area of Tuckerman Ravine. However, he and his group were not fully prepared for what was ahead of them, which resulted in Brown's fall. Luckily for Brown, another skier in the area happened to be a physician and was able to render aid on the scene.

The doctor and Brown's group were able to move the injured young man down to Hermit Lake Shelter, where NH Fish and Game conservation officers were able to meet them for Brown's extraction. The doctor gave the go-ahead for officers to transport Brown off the mountain by ATV and then to a local hospital by ambulance.

“New Hampshire Fish and Game would like to remind those venturing into the outdoors to always be prepared for the activity one is pursuing with the necessary safety equipment,” New Hampshire Fish and Game officials said, “and always be mindful of one’s limitations and experience levels to avoid potential disasters.”

Photo: Tuckerman Ravine, New Hampshire - Credit: Msheppard / CC BY-SA


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