Ted Ligety Is In Through The 2022 Olympics & That's It

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Olympic Alpine skiing champion Ted Ligety has been laying out his plan to take his career to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, in part to break fellow Olympic champion Bode Miller's record as the oldest U.S. Olympic Alpine skier in history.

In a report from NBC Sports and in a recent interview with SkiRacing.com, Ligety has laid out the road map he is going to follow to make to the next Winter Olympic games.

“At this point, I guess I’m shooting for the Olympics,” Ligety said during an interview with SkiRacing.com this past week. “If I was going to go this year, I was going to go the next year. It kind of seems silly to stop the year before the Olympics. So, go through then and then definitely be done. So, 37, I’d definitely be an old guy at the Olympics. Actually, my body’s been feeling better this year than it has in probably the five years prior to this.”

Several serious injuries have put Ligety on the DL over the years, including a hip labrum tear, an ACL tear that ended his season in 2016, and the surgery required to repair three herniated discs that ended his season in 2017. But, keeping the body intact so that he might break Miller's record is not the only thing that Ligety must consider. He is also a family man with a 2-year-old son, who has graced the Ligety social media pages, as well as having a set of twins on the way. 

Family life and injury, as well as unforeseen issues, like how COVID-19 will affect winter sports in the coming season, for example, will keep Ted Ligety on his toes. However, shooting for the old man record is something to respect. 

Thumbnail: Ted Ligety with Lindsey Vonn, each with a World Cup globe - Credit: Doug Haney for U.S. Ski Team / CC BY


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