The Mount Washington Avalanche Center Is Asking Folks To Stay Off Tuckerman Ravine

It would seem that there have been people heading into the closed area of Tuckerman Ravine to get some late-season turns in. The Mount Washington Avalanche Center took to social media to advise people that skiing or snowboarding there now might not be the best idea and are urging folks to stay out of there.

Simply put, it's just not the safest activity that one could participate in at the moment. Currently, the area is very dangerous as the snow is melting rapidly due to the change in seasons, not to mention COVID-19 restrictions that still exist in New Hampshire. Those reasons combined with what might be a difficult rescue make skiing and riding in that area extremely dangerous.

We all understand that want to get out there, we really, really do. But maybe hold of this spring and early summer. It's likely that you'll be better off.

Thumbnail Credit: Mount Washington Avalanche Center/FB


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