Vermont Crushes Maple Syrup Production Season

While skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are a large part of Vermont's popularity, there is something else that comes around towards the end of the ski season that Vermont is also well known for. That would be maple syrup and once again the small Green Mountain State has crushed just about every other state in production.

Though sales may have taken a bit of a hit this season due to the COVID-19 outbreak, production numbers have hit an all-time high. According to numbers released by the USDA, Vermont produced approximately 2,220,000 gallons of sugary maple goodness. That breaks the previous record of just over 2 million gallons that was set in 2019.

Now, most folks know that the sugaring process starts by tapping trees to collect sap, which is then processed into the maple syrup that everyone knows and loves. For this season alone there were approximately 6,150,000 taps used across the state. This number is just shy of equal to the number of taps used by all the other maple syrup producing states combined.

These numbers set Vermont as the leading producer of syrup in the country, which leads to a contribution of more than half of the U.S. total of syrup produced. It's very likely that the maple syrup you'll be eating on your pancakes in the morning came from the Green Mountain State. #ILoVermont

Photo: Vermont Maple Syrup - Credit: Raffi Asdourian [CC BY2.0]


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