A Marcus Kleveland Video Double Feature -- VIDEOS

The first of the Marcus Kleveland double feature comes from the young man himself. This one is a Behind The Scenes that he put together from a Red Bull shoot. In it, one gets to see not only what goes into planning a snowboard edit of the caliber that Red Bull puts together, but the frustration that can sometimes come out of it. Though I'm not sure how many of the words in Kleveland's native language were swear words, there were a few English swears that had to be beeped. Take a look and marvel at some of the snowboard film creation process. Also, at the beginning of the video Kleveland talks about the amount of snow on location. Look at the lift just beyond where he is standing. Those chairs aren't really that far off the snow.

Now, for the second video of the double feature, the culmination of all the work from the first video. This one is 100% what one would expect in a Red Bull snowboard edit and it really is something to see after watching the BTS video, first. All of the days planning, plotting, building, filming, frustrations, and fears all come together in one segment that is just under 4 minutes. That's right, 20 minutes of BTS footage taken over three or four days gets edited into a 4-minute clip. Although, it did turn out to be a pretty sick clip. Enjoy!


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