Close-Call Cody -- Cody Townsend Has Harrowing Collision With An SUP

Spending the holiday weekend driving around an area like Lake Tahoe should be a fun and non-distressing experience. It's nice to be in the outdoors, taking in the scenery and looking to participate in some of the recreation opportunities that outdoor and water sports afford, making sure one is socially distant of course. However, pro-skier Cody Townsend was not socially distant from a stand-up paddleboard and not in a good way.

Townsend and his wife, Elyse Saugstad, were just traveling down the road when a SUP came off the truck in front of them and nearly came through the windshield. The aftermath was the focus of an Instagram post from Townsend.

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ATTN: If someone lost a SUP on the west shore of Lake Tahoe yesterday around 3:00 pm, I found it buried in my windshield a few inches away from impaling my face. If you’d like your board back, I still have it since you kept driving after it flew off your truck into the opposite lane and straight into Azulito. Oh and I have same extra tie downs you can have so you actually secure your load properly...Whew. In all seriousness, thank you wonderfully built Safety Glass and a sturdy @ford build because this was inches away from being an unexpected end. Luckily @elysesaugstad @theothebrave and I were all okay except for a 100 little micro cuts from the glass exploding into our faces, and lucky we both had sunglasses on to save our eye balls too. That was a terrifying moment yesterday. Glad nothing but Azulito was hurt.

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Thankfully, none of the occupants of the Townsend family car were seriously injured. However, it is safe to say that, though both of Townsend and Saugstad seem to be fearless while on the job, they were both freaked the heck out that day.

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