Did Virtika Outerwear Founder David Lesh Just Become A Priest?

Virtika Outerwear CEO and Founder, David Lesh, has become infamous for his bad-boy lifestyle. Who knows how long he's actually been getting himself into trouble, but over the last year or so he's really been catching heat, which in some cases is what he deserved. But, aside from fines and community service sentences, the public has been throwing hate, death threats, and a petition to get him and his company out of Colorado.

Well, according to an Instagram post yesterday, Lesh seems to want to turn over a new leaf and become a man of the cloth.

Usually, Lesh uses his social media presence to show off his antics, which seem to get him into trouble more often than not these days, but is he honestly looking to atone for his sins? The location of the post does say it was from the Denver Seminary, after all. Maybe he's going to be a priest or maybe it's just a bit. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see...So Sayeth The Lord!

Thumbnail Credit: David Lesh/IG


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